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AWS Environment Hardening

A security report from AWS Certified Architects detailing the risks of your AWS Environment. Audited to Tier 1 Bank standards covering networking, software and infrastructure.

AWS Environment Hardening

Ensure that your AWS environment is guarded from malicious activity, protected from data loss and operating efficiently.

What you get with this Service:

A full infrastructure security review covering all parts of your AWS environment, with all risks and issues summarised in a clear and simple report. This service covers the vectors of attack for:

  • DDoS attacks
  • Malicious Server Access
  • Compromised Networks
  • Data Leaks and more

Included within the report are:

  • Descriptions of weaknesses
  • Results from simulated attacks
  • Business friendly, non-technical explanations
  • Suggested Remediations
  • Opportunities for Automation
  • An overall rating

By implementing all parts of this structured report your environment would elevate to levels of security found within Tier 1 Global Financial Institutions where these recommendations have been implemented. You’ll also find oppotunities for automation to lighten the maintenance overhead and provide a well maintained and repeatable secure environment across your estate.

As legislation tightens and the potential for malicious activity expands, the automation of effective security pays back to every organisation out there with any Cloud presence.

This is a time based service and can cover multiple accounts over a 48 hour review period plus time generating relevant reports. Any additional infrastructure can be added as you like over the original 48 hours.

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