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Buyers can purchase fixed price services from the truly digital website referred to as ‘retained services’. The scope of the project is enclosed in the description of the service offered. Upon purchase, Truly Digital will assess the requirements with the buyer and provide the timeline for completion.

Truly Digital will contact the buyer the gather all of the information necessary to deliver the service, Truly Digital will not be responsible for incorrect contact details provided at the checkout which will affect the delivery of the service.

Truly Digital will provide regular progress updates during the duration of the project. If buyer requests work that is out of scope of the original product purchased, this will be reassessed and priced as a seperate piece of work.

Cancellations and Refunds:

The buyer can cancel the project before commencement of work and send an email to Truly Digital confirming refund.

Once the project has started and requirements have been confirmed, Truly Digital reserves the right to complete the project. A cancellation cannot be processed while the project is in progress.


The buyer’s account will be debited once the purchase has been made on the Truly Digital website. Truly Digital use a secure payment system stripe which will generate a transaction confirmation and share it with the buyer over email.

Truly Digital do not take responsibility for any issues arising from using Stripe.


Buyer’ - means a person buying services from Truly Digital website.

Commencement of the project’: refers to the period after requirements have been agreed between Truly Digital and the Buyer and work is ready to start.

Retained services’ - means fixed price services which are available for purchase on the Tuly Digital website. They are available

Project’ - means a piece of work which a buyer has purchased from Truly Digital website.

Stripe’ - refers to a secure third party payment system used to process payments for Truly Digital Ltd: https://stripe.com