Truly Digital's InstantCloud

Get your cloud provisioned immediately with best in class infrastructure

InstantCloud is the result of a decade of cloud consulting in the highest performing AWS environments. Regulated banking APIs, globally distributed blockchain platforms and international media publications have all been built with InstantCloud infrastructure freeing businesses from having to rebuild their infrastructure from scratch.

The Catalogue

a full catalogue of cloud infrastructure ready to go

    • VPC
      Secure Cloud Networks

      Every network is designed for modern applications and security, built for future scalability, clear organisation and obvious layouts. Every network comes tagged and labelled so you can immediately start deploying. Networks come with both traditional formats and with AWS EKS support

    • Private Link
      Interconnected Networking

      Have multiple accounts or VPCs? Need secure connections across each of them that isn't just mashing networks together? This will instantly connect up viable networks via Private Links handling design, rollout and automated documentation. Your networks will be able to access both AWS and private services without compromise

    • Elastic Kubernetes Service
      Complete AWS EKS Deployment

      AWS EKS comes with quickstart deployments that hard lock you into basic node groups and networking. The cluster is instantiated without basic monitoring, metrics gathering or OIDC trust. InstantCloud comes with all this and more, allowing you to roll out your own secure nodes, immediately monitor your Kubernetes cluster and applications and control the full costs and uptime of your nodes

    • AWS Certficate Manager
      Private Certificate Authority & Hashicorp Vault Provisioning

      Setting up a FIPS-140-2 compliant Private Certificate Authority is not a small task and comes with a substantial burden of knowledge. Getting it wrong is disastrous and requires a complete replacement alongside all the risks of a compromised platform. Don't risk it, get it done right first time by getting your Private Certificate Authority set up with InstantCloud

    • S3
      Account Wide S3 Management

      Get as many S3 buckets as you like in your account that are all secure, tagged, cost tracked and prevent public access. A simple and easier approach to making sure that data does not leave the premises